Data Management Solutions

Data Management Solutions, Data Solutions practice focuses on solution delivery of Data Management discipline which includes – Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Governance, Data Privacy, Data Standards, Metadata Management, Data Sharing, Data Analytics.


We are specicalized

We help our customers as they need us, ranging from full project delivery to staff augmentation working on specific focus areas.

Data Integration

Our Integration Services practice is focused on all aspects of extracting data from source systems using traditional ETL, ESB, Cloud, Adapters, Streaming and loading to target databases including Delta Lake


Data Quality & MDM

Our DQ & MDM practice specializes in helping organizations profile, identify, fix and remediate data issues. In addition create Golden Records for Master Data Assets which is pivotal for Business Intelligence activities


Data Governance

Our Data Governance practice specializes in helping client’s DG organization to establish all principles of treating “Data” as an enterprise asset. This includes – Metadata Management, Data Lineage, Data Sharing, Data Privacy, Reference Data Management etc.,


Cloud Solutions

Explore & Adopt

We are here to help you if you are planning to move into Cloud. We will help you explore and accelerate your Cloud adoption goals and achieve ROI quickly

Manage & Evolve

We provide necessary expertise to evolve your Cloud services to wider audience across enterprise and also help create a mature DevOps processes

Application Development

We support you with everything involved in Application Development Lifecycle – Conceptualization, Design & Development of desktop/web-based/cloud based applications.

We strictly follow industry best practices and what we learned by implementing several now live projects. Below are …..pillars of our implementation methodology


Code Just Enough – Following this rule reduces complexity of any software project. In addition to key agile software principles like DRY (Don’t Repeat yourself) and YAGNI (You Aren’t Going to Need It)


FTDD – Feature and Test Driven Development


Version Control and Peer Reviews – Strict process around code management using version control systems like GitHub and formal code review process with peers, which helps building overall trust among team members


Staff Augmentation

We offer Staff Augmentation services your

    Specific needs

    Contract To Hire (CTH)

    Contract – Corp to Corp (C2C)

    Seasonal Employment

    Fixed Headcount