Data Integration

Data Integration is one of the very important and foundation steps to everything Data Management and Analytics. It’s very important it’s done in a correct way. When loading similar information from multiple source systems into a structured downstream it’s important to build canonical data structures which enable Data Visualizations in a faster and efficient manner helping grow your business. We support all of below Integration modes from all data sources including – Relational, Cloud, Files, Semi-structured, Unstructured, Industry Spectic (HL7, EDI etc.,), Kafka etc.,


  • Batch
  • Online – SOAP & REST APIs
  • Messaging Queues
  • Streaming
  • Cloud – Databricks & Cloudera

We implement data integration projects with designing Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and service orchestration. We expertise in ESB capabilities using SOA, routing, messaging , logging, business activity monitoring, adapters, security, Transformation etc.,

We Specialize in Data Integration project implementations using products like

  • Ataccama ONE
  • Informatica ETL
  • iWay Service Manager
  • iWay Data Migrator
  • Talend ETL

Data Quality

Do you know your data is good or bad? How much data is not used in your strategic decisions to grow your business? You can use our core competency services to resolve your data quality and Master Data issues for better and efficient usage of data to take effective strategic decisions. The core services under this category of services are


  • ​Data Profiling – Explore and Understand your Data
  • Data Cleansing – Fix your Data Issues
  • Data Enrichment – Enrich your data using Trusted Sources
  • Data Quality Business Rules – Enforce
  • DQ business rules to address data issues at origin
  • Data Remediation – Data Stewardship for exceptions
  • Data Standardization – Publishing enterprise standards and encouraging adoption

We support Data Quality project implementations using products like

  • Ataccama One Suite
  • Informatica Data Quality
  • OmniGen DQ
  • Talend Data Fabric

Master Data Management


We are here to help you create a single, consistent view of core data assets like – Customer, Product, Vendor and Location data.

  • Matching
  • Survivorship
  • Golden Records

We support Data Quality project implementations using products like

  • ​Ataccama One Suite
  • Informatica MDM
  • OmniGen DQ
  • Talend MDM & Data Fabric

Data Governance Lifecycle

To evolve your organization’s culture to treat “DATA” as an asset and promote Data Governance Journey……..

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Power of cloud computing gave all organizations big and small opportunity to process big data and help offer numerous use cases based on Voice recognition with intuitive experiences. AI capabilities offer organizations more efficient, strategic, and insight-driven. Artificial intelligence capabilities are now layering with cloud computing and helping companies manage their data, look for patterns and insights in information, deliver customer experiences, and optimize workflows.